Addicting, tasty, melt-in-your-mouth cookies!
Once you've tasted them you'll know what we are raving about!

Melanie S.

Cookies & Brownies


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Coconut Cake


I was very ‘delighted’ to taste Luvvie’s Delights cookies. Yummy! They were literally the BEST I’ve ever tasted …Everyone I know will be getting some this Christmas!
− Shelly C.
She brought some to my wedding a years ago and I STILL have people asking me about them. You will crave these cookies; mark my words!!!
− Aidan R.
Luvvie's Delights are one of most memorable and delicious cookies I've ever tasted! Delightfully crisp and chewy, these little marvels perfectly balance flavors of butter, brown sugar, chocolate and nuttiness for a true taste sensation.
− Chef Onil C.