Meet The Chef!

I was born in British Guyana, South America, and from the age of 11 months grew up in London, England. I landed in Los Angeles nearly thirty years ago working with young people internationally. Cooking and baking as a career were the furthest things from my mind!

The oldest of four, my Mom had us all in the kitchen cooking alongside her and I’m so grateful for her teaching and training. My love of cooking grew in high school – along with baking, which is something I also share with my beautiful sisters.

Leaving my work with youth, I ventured into the corporate world working as an Executive Assistant or Recruiter, which is something I never saw myself doing.  I enrolled in Culinary School as a second career, just to be doing something creative at that point in my life. I graduated in May 2007, still not knowing what to do with my new found knowledge.

I come with over twenty years of experience working in a variety of catering companies, Civic Centers, hotels – front and back of house.  I have worked as a Sous Chef for a start-up restaurant on Third Street in Los Angeles, CA, and was the only female Lead Chef.  Since graduating culinary school, I have had the privilege of working with more high end/fine-dining companies – one of which I am still honored to work with today.

After spending the last few years working short and long temporary jobs in Corporate and exhausting unemployment, I began allowing myself to dream again.  So, after many years of hearing, ‘You should start your own company’, here I am!

Luvvie’s Delights was birthed literally on a wing and a prayer and the love and encouragement of dear friends, with the launching of my signature cookie: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, with (or without) Walnuts – Now with a Gluten-Free version.

I look forward to serving you!


Marva, Chef and Owner of Luvvie’s Delights